A colorful sketch of the town of Sitia and the castle of Kazarma.

In the stunning little town of Sitia something big is being born. Empowered by our unique origins and a past which features a significantly rich tradition of arts, culture and inspiring ideas, our enquiring minds never stop.

We feel that our responsibility is to continue the legacy of Vitsentzos Kornaros, a leading poet of the Cretan Renaissance and author of ‘Erotokritos’, by envisioning and creating opportunities for sharing and spreading innovative ideas. We do so by following the steps of his protagonists Erotokritos and Aretousa during their journey from genesis to eternity.

This vision starts with an event which will honor our past, celebrate “Genesis” itself and analyze the effects it has on those who experience it at any stage in life. Transformation through innovation can happen at any time and under any conditions, which means any moment is a possible starting point for something new.



is only the beginning…