Ross Daly is one of the TEDxSitia 2023 speakers.

Ross Daly


Ross Daly is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has studied modal music in a variety of different regional traditions. He is the originator of the term Contemporary modal music which denotes contemporary compositions incorporating elements deriving from various traditions but which do not necessarily belong to any specific one of them. He has been resident on Crete for 48 years where he founded the Musical Workshop Labyrinth which organises seminars, master-classes and concerts focusing on modal music, both traditional and contemporary. He has released over 45 albums of his own compositions and arrange-ments of traditional material. He frequently travels to other countries for the purpose of giving concerts, lectures and seminars.

Talk Details

Upgrade your listening

We live in a world full of music of all kinds, but very few people really listen to it. Music is with us in the supermarket, in the car, in the restaurant and in innumerable other places in-cluding our own homes, but almost no one really listens and most don’t actually “know” what to listen to. What does it mean to “know” what to listen to? What does it mean to lis-ten? Where can music take me and how do I unleash its immense power to enrich my life?