Maria-Stella Zeaki provides one of the TEDxSitia 2023 workshops.

Maria-Stella Zeaki


Maria-Stella Zeaki holds a BA in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Athens, where she studied communication strategy, public relations, advertising, and journalism from a time before the influence of social media. She continued her academic journey with a postgraduate specialization in Folk Culture and Folklore Studies, conducting ethnographic research to study traditional communities and their customs. Combining these two fields, she pursued a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and Digital Ethnography at the University of Crete, exploring the digital transformation of rural communities with the advent of social media, supported by a scholarship from the Hellenic Research and Innovation Foundation (ELIDEK). She teaches Communication and Marketing courses to undergraduate students and collaborates with entrepreneurships, developmental companies, and local government organizations on European and local development projects. Maria-Stella grew up in Athens, originates from Crete, and travels to villages and cities documenting stories while simultaneously studying the dynamics of Media Storytelling. She believes that through stories, the world unites, finds inspiration, and holds hope.

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Workshop Details

Business Storytelling: tips and best practices

In the workshop entitled “Business Storytelling Tips and Best Practices”, participants will discover, through exercises and examples, the key elements that make up the puzzle of creative communication and marketing of a business.